First impressions

The genesis of this website coincides with the start of my new life in Cambridge – home of DNA, evolution by natural selection and the Milton Brewery. Following the submission of my PhD thesis last week, I’ve been forbidden from doing any ‘proper’ work until Monday. Instead I’ve been wandering around my new home city, enjoying what is basically my first June on mainland Britain for about 5 years. I’m very pleased to confirm that British trees do have leaves, and that there are some insects (and insectivores) too.

Some first impressions of Cambridge:

  • Loads of over-entitled cyclists, whose ranks I look forward to joining in the next week or two.
  • Really narrow pavements, making it difficult for pedestrians to avoid cyclists.
  • In Norwich, litter generally comprised Happy Meal containers and tins of Special Brew, but in Cambridge the gutters are lined with over-ripe strawberries and Champagne corks. Is this normal, or did my first weekend coincide with a special occasion? Regent St. on Friday night was a depressing juxtaposition of Prosseco-swigging students and ukulele-strumming beggars.
  • I’ve seen people actually dressed like, well, academics from the olden days. As above, not sure if this is normal, or fancy-dress for a special event. I’ll provide updates as the situation unfolds.
  • There are several riverside footpaths through some pretty central LNRs – including the aptly named ‘Paradise’ – spoiled only by Prosseco-swigging-student-filled punts at every meander.




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