Which carb.?

I'm attempting to become a more ethical eater, in the hope that small / individual / bottom-up changes will inspire larger / collective / top-down ones. It's hard though. I have some food allergies, I'm a bit lazy, and there are just so many factors to consider. I want to simultaneously minimise the carbon and water footprint of the … Continue reading Which carb.?

‘Intensification’ and farmland birds

I've had a quick play with some data - mostly pulled from the FAO and DEFRA - in an attempt to explore the relationship between agricultural 'intensification' and farmland bird declines (in the UK). This brief bit of procrastination (whilst half-listening to the Commons grouse shooting debate) was inspired by this paper, which I really liked, but … Continue reading ‘Intensification’ and farmland birds

Migratory connectivity: joining the dots

I had a fun day a few weeks ago curating the @biotweeps Twitter account on behalf of the BOU, discussing some ideas about migratory connectivity (hashtag #MigConnectivity). Whilst Twitter provides a good platform for immediate engagement, it doesn't exactly promote longevity of information; the (insightful, profound & hard-hitting) points I was trying to make have quickly sunk to the … Continue reading Migratory connectivity: joining the dots