The shooting thing

It’s mid August, which means an intensification in the pro-/anti-shooting debate. It starts off with hen harriers, driven grouse moors, illegal persecution. It migrates towards pheasants and foxes, rural sports and conservation, battery chickens and veganism. It seems to boil down, inevitably, to whether or not we want gamekeepers. I don’t want gamekeepers. Their job … Continue reading The shooting thing


Which carb.?

I'm attempting to become a more ethical eater, in the hope that small / individual / bottom-up changes will inspire larger / collective / top-down ones. It's hard though. I have some food allergies, I'm a bit lazy, and there are just so many factors to consider. I want to simultaneously minimise the carbon and water footprint of the … Continue reading Which carb.?

‘Intensification’ and farmland birds

I've had a quick play with some data - mostly pulled from the FAO and DEFRA - in an attempt to explore the relationship between agricultural 'intensification' and farmland bird declines (in the UK). This brief bit of procrastination (whilst half-listening to the Commons grouse shooting debate) was inspired by this paper, which I really liked, but … Continue reading ‘Intensification’ and farmland birds

Migratory connectivity: joining the dots

I had a fun day a few weeks ago curating the @biotweeps Twitter account on behalf of the BOU, discussing some ideas about migratory connectivity (hashtag #MigConnectivity). Whilst Twitter provides a good platform for immediate engagement, it doesn't exactly promote longevity of information; the (insightful, profound & hard-hitting) points I was trying to make have quickly sunk to the … Continue reading Migratory connectivity: joining the dots