Predator control

With trepidation, I think my views on predator control are inconsistent. The ideal First - I want to see our landscapes restored, with functional trophic relationships (where apex predators keep generalist ones in check) and consolidated blocks of decent habitat (where vulnerable species can reach sufficient numbers that they're not in such desperate need of … Continue reading Predator control


Personne ne vit ici

You've probably seen those "Nobody lives here" maps, which show pixels (usually 1×1km) where nobody lives. It strikes me that these maps are totally scale-dependent. That is, any conclusion will depend on the the size of the 'grain' at which you ask whether anybody lives here. To illustrate this (or to get my head around why I … Continue reading Personne ne vit ici

Nature-friendly farms, or nature-friendly landscapes?

Somewhat counter-intuitively, high yield farming could be essential for biodiversity conservation. Even though high yield farmland is typically quite a hostile place for many species, by delivering food production from a smaller area of farmland, it should permit the 'sparing' of crucial natural habitat. This shifts focus away from maximising the biodiversity value of a … Continue reading Nature-friendly farms, or nature-friendly landscapes?

The shooting thing

It’s mid August, which means an intensification in the pro-/anti-shooting debate. It starts off with hen harriers, driven grouse moors, illegal persecution. It migrates towards pheasants and foxes, rural sports and conservation, battery chickens and veganism. It seems to boil down, inevitably, to whether or not we want gamekeepers. I don’t want gamekeepers. Their job … Continue reading The shooting thing

Which carb.?

I'm attempting to become a more ethical eater, in the hope that small / individual / bottom-up changes will inspire larger / collective / top-down ones. It's hard though. I have some food allergies, I'm a bit lazy, and there are just so many factors to consider. I want to simultaneously minimise the carbon and water footprint of the … Continue reading Which carb.?